Within the area of binding technology, plastics present particular requirements concerning assembly techniques. ecosyn®-plast screws are the result of the knowledge gained through years of practical experience in thermoplastic screwing. The special thread geometry enables safe and easy screwing directly into thermoplastic elements.  

The thread geometry

In contrast to conventional tapping screws in accordance with ISO 1478, ecosyn®-plast screws have:

  • A pointed thread angle of 30° in place of 60°
  • A smaller core diameter with the same nominal diameter
  • A larger thread pitch


The combination of these special characteristics leads to decisive advantages:

ecosyn○-plast - the thread geometry

  • Improved thread load bearing depth (te > tB)
  • Smaller radical force, therefore higher load capacity
  • Less burst effect in single-screw tubes
  • More material between thread flanks (fe> fB), and therefore larger shear cylinder
  • Lower driving torque and higher stripping torque leads to improved assembly and binding safety

ecosyn®-plast - the Screw for Thermoplastics

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