Whether new employees,  new production processes or small batch sizes / lots of different orders - the assembly steps are carried out efficiently and correctly thanks to the graphic step-by-step instructions. The work steps are automatically documented.

The digital assembly instructions are created by you or generated automatically from the customer order by ERP integration. The central creation and management of the instructions makes it possible to greatly reduce the complexity of product variations and to make changes efficiently.

The assembly process is documented and the process data can be called up at any time. This means quality assurance and allows processes to be optimized.


The visualization of the assembly steps drastically reduces the training of personnel and exposing them to different assembly jobs. Assembly errors can be practically reduced to 0.

The assembly instructions are visualized directly in production via touch screens, data glasses or projection on the work surface.

The interactive instructions, broken down to individual work steps, also allow feedback from the workstation, for example for process optimization. Employees feel safe and can concentrate on the essential.

Upcoming assembly orders are displayed from the ERP database at the assembly workstation. The assembly is carried out step-by-step using the graphically displayed instructions. Each operation is evaluated and leads to the next step if executed correctly. The release of electrical tools is precisely controlled. Each operation is counted, evaluated and documented.


Digitale Montageanleitung

The advantages of digital assembly instructions:

  • Capture and store knowledge of skilled workers
  • Quick training of employees through dynamic assembly instructions
  • Quality assurance even for variants or under time pressure
  • Secure installation of the correct parts
  • Avoid test procedures during assembly Rework
  • Each step is protocolled


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