Smart Factory Assembly - Digitalization of industrial production for industry 4.0 applications

The pragmatic way to connect your assembly processes and make them process-reliable

Smart Factory Assembly ensures optimal process control, tool control and traceability of production steps. Assembly is connected into a uniform process, ensuring safe and cost-efficient assembly.

  • Employees are always informed about what happens, when, where and how to process
  • The relevant assembly tools are automatically integrated and controlled
  • All work steps, components and process values are continuously logged and stored in a product life cycle file


Employees are guided through the individual work steps with the help of the dynamic visualizations, which makes familiarization and onboarding much easier. In addition, the quality of the production is traceable. With Smart Factory Assembly, you can easily handle large numbers of product variants and produce them reliably, even in one-piece flow in paperless production.


Smart Factory Assembly Workstation 

The path to Factory 4.0 with three core components:

  1. Digital and interactive assembly instructions

    The centralized creation and adaptation of digital assembly instructions makes it possible to master the complexity of product variations and makes creations of it and changes efficiently.
    The digital assembly instructions are visualized directly in production via touch screens, data glasses or projectors. The assembly employee is guided through the assembly process and work steps are automatically evaluated in real time and documented.

  2. Smart Tools: Connected and intelligent tools

    More and more digital tools and aids are being used in assembly. However, they must also be connected and controlled, read out or even parameterized at the right work step. With Smart Factory Assembly, all relevant assembly tools such as intelligent screwdrivers, pick-to-light, presses or measuring equipment are networked and can interact with the system.

  3. Production data: Traceability of quality data and continuous process improvement

    Due to the digitalization of the individual work steps and the transparency gained through this, optimization potentials within the assembly process can be identified. In addition, the traceability of quality data at product and order level is guaranteed and can be easily accessed at any time.
5 advantages of Smart Factory Assembly
Making decisions

1. Making decisions

Based on the available production data, errors can be easily identified, processes improved and traceability ensured.


Increase in performance 2. Increase in performance

Short training for new employees and high efficiency through standardized processes.


Quality step by step3. Quality step by step

Continuous quality control at every step of the process and in every tool interaction. Ensuring the correct sequence for the entire production process.


Staying flexible4. Staying flexible

Compatibility with all common production aids such as screwdrivers, cameras, etc., as well as flexible deployment of variants and employees via different production stations.


Digital transformation made easy5. Digital transformation made easy

Start pragmatically with simple introductory offers and professional support.

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