Targeted and pragmatic



We would be happy to show you how Smart Factory Assembly works in an online call with screen sharing. At the same time we can also discuss your company or team’s current challenges and show possible solutions. Independent of location - fast - uncomplicated - free of charge. 

Required time for the exchange:

  • 30 minutes: How Smart Factory Assembly works
  • 60 minutes: Presentation of the Smart Factory Assembly solution and subsequent discussion about your initial situation.


For which companies does the digitalization of production make sense?

Whether you are an SME with 5 assembly workstations or a multinational corporation with hundreds of assembly stations, the scalable range of services offered by Smart Factory Assembly offers a solution in many price and requirement areas.

Advantages of digital and interactive assembly instructions

Assembly instructions help the assembly staff through the assembly process and give the employee security. Error rates can thus be greatly reduced. In the digital form, the work steps can be kept up to date and versioning problems no longer exist.

Possibilities of integration of intelligent tools

Tools that are to be used for assembly, that support employees and provide safety. Are all connections securely fastened? Was the correct torque applied? Tools can be automatically controlled and parameterized with Smart Factory Assembly.

Evaluation of quality and process data

Data on the individual process steps in production are collected and stored. Data on fasteners, rivets, testing devices, etc. are recorded in a database and can be retrieved at any time. In this way, processes can be evaluated live and used continuously.

Setup and expansion options - from workstation to Smart Factory

Smart Factory Assembly offers a scalable package of services that can be individually combined. True to the motto: Act Fast. Start Small. Grow Smart.

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