Transform your production
with Smart Factory Logistics

Bossard Smart Factory Logistics not only provides smooth and reliable B- and C-part management, but enables the transformation of your production. The time tested and proven methodology builds on the Internet of Things, thus uncovering hidden potential for productivity improvements and facilitating your supply chain optimization. Position your company ahead of others with Smart Factory Logistics.

Agile, lean and reliable

Bossard customizes a solution for you using proven systems like the fully automated SmartBin or the informative SmartLabel with real time information. Demand and stock levels are managed through ARIMS, the operation dashboard of Smart Factory Logistics. Focus on your core competence, knowing that Bossard’s Smart Factory Logistics is the key to smooth and seamless supply chain performance. 

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Optimize your B- and C-part management with Smart Factory Logistics systems. Bossard SmartBin, SmartLabel and traditional Kanban automate your supply.

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Thanks to Bossard's solutions your steady supply is in trustworthy and good hands. With Smart Factory Logistics solutions, your supply chain performance will run smoothly and seamlessly.

Are you looking for a reliable and simple logistics solution or would you rather have a fully automated and optimized supply chain? Bossard offers three solution packages based on your needs and demands. We would love to be at your service!


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Bossard Inventory Management (BIM)

Industry research shows that the cost of managing C-parts makes up about 50 % of the total procurement costs. The actual value of these parts, on the other hand, represents only 5 % of the procurement volume.

This offers an enormous cost savings potential. Bossard logistics systems reduce the amount of work involved in procuring C-parts. You can concentrate on your core activities.


  • Administration effort for C-parts management is limited to the minimum necessary
  • Less tied-up capital
  • Sources of errors are largely eliminated 

Depending on your needs, Bossard offers various levels of support

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Potential Savings

With optimization of processes and minimization of costs you can save money.

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