We are pleased to share with you examples of how we add value.

A win-win solution

A grinding machine from Studer, Switzerland has 7,500 individual parts, 600 of which are classified as C-parts. The management costs of these C-parts are many times higher than their value. This is where Bossard identified a major potential for streamlining. 


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Confidently manage large and varying amounts

Alstom Transport designs sustainable and global railway solutions tailored to operators, public authorities and passengers. Bossard has implemented the 3-level concept at seven Alstom Transport plants that lead to significant savings in costs and time in Alstom Transport’s production operations.

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Design and assembly optimization

Slipping on ice? - Not if a road maintenance machine from our customer cleared the way. Airport runways, roads, sidewalks and pathways around the world are kept free from snow and ice with high-tech machines.

Besides a long-lasting fastening solution for these high-tech machines, the customer was also looking for an improved logistics system.

With ecosyn®-lubric coated stainless steel fasteners and the Bossard SmartBin logistic system, a future-proof solution with high productivity, was introduced.

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More time for the core business

Komax Wire develops and manufactures innovative wire processing systems for international customers in the automotive, electronics and appliance industries. After assigning the C-part supply and management to Bossard, the Komax employee who had previously worked on the task was able to commit to other important responsibilities within Komax.

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Savings of process costs

The Carinthian family business Pichler specializes in energy-saving ventilation systems for greater comfort indoors. In turn the company is achieving considerable savings in its process costs for the management of C-parts with the SmartBin integrated management system from Bossard.

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Smart C-parts management
Thermo Waffelbackautomat SWAKT-HC

Read how Franz Haas GmbH in Austria was able to gain in regard to production in Austria and was able to considerably reduce its tied-up capital.

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Jane, CEO

“My competition is fierce! Every day, I’m challenged to find new solutions to stay competitive. If I don’t reduce my costs and boost productivity I will lose more than just market share.”
Andrew, Supply Chain

“If we’re missing just one tiny screw, the product can’t leave production and I have to explain what happened. How do I minimize uncertainties in my procurement process?”
Lee, Production Manager

“In my production process, every detail matters. I need full process visibility and high quality parts to maximize output. How do I find the perfect solution?”

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