Customer and task

Previously, Fritz Studer AG managed approximately 2,000 different C-parts themselves. Supply security and product quality are their foremost priority. As part of the company optimization, Fritz Studer AG was looking for a solution to improve their supply chain and in their assembly processes. Bossard had exactly what they needed. 


The SmartBin system uses containers and weight sensors and sends continuously recorded data to Bossard on a daily basis. When the minimum stock level is reached, the predefined quantity is ordered at different suppliers. The delivery is consolidated at Bossard and refilled by a Bossard employee directly at the point-of-use.

Customer benefits

With Bossard logistic solution, the process is now simpler. No more manual process, no more missing parts, less administrative work, lower stock levels and less tied-up capital. At the end of the project, Studer achieved high savings on the overall process costs. The Bossard logistic team is very proud to be part of this success.

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