Bühler Innovation Partner

gennaio 11, 2013

Bühler decorates Bossard with the "Bühler Innovation Partners" award


Bühler is a specialist and technology partner for plant and equipment and related services for processing basic foods and manufacturing highgrade materials.

At this year’s Supplier Excellence Day 2012, 60 of Bühler’s best suppliers worldwide were distinguished. In total, 12 awards were presented in two categories, “Bühler Innovation Partners” and “Supplier Performance”. The awards "Premium Supplier 2011" and "Innovation Partner 2012" honor Bossard and confirm the high efficiency. This award is a great motivation for us and we look forward to an ongoing and cooperative partnership.

The partnering relationship of a company with its suppliers plays a crucial role in a world that is becoming increasingly networked. This is especially true when it comes to global process optimization and fostering innovation. Bühler expects from its suppliers proactivity, especially if proposals can save costs for Bühler, said John Walker, Head of Corporate Purchasing, during the "Supplier Excellence Day 2012". CEO Calvin Grieder finally summed up that Bühler is not merely a company from Switzerland, but is at home across the globe. Local supplier relationships are therefore decisive.

Bossard NextGeneration – ahead of competition



Bühler AG

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