New logistics hub Illerrieden

ottobre 02, 2015

Bossard Group invests in their location in Illerrieden

The Bossard Group expands warehouse capacities at their German location in Illerrieden. There, the company invests 14 million Euro into building a modern warehouse. The new warehouse will have an area of 6,100 square meters (65,700 sq. ft.). This results in a four-fold increase in capacity, and shorter delivery routes.

The new warehouse will be used by the Bossard Group and their subsidiary KVT-Fastening as logistics hub for all product deliveries within Germany, and the Central and Eastern Europe region. "Illerieden was specially selected for its central location in Europe. From here, we can reach all export countries in the EU relevant for our group. This is beneficial for our domestic as well as international Bossard and KVT-Fastening customers. Shorter routes, translates to shorter lead time in product deliveries," explains Frank Hilgers, member of the executive committee of Bossard Group. The groundbreaking ceremony was on 23. September with the commissioning planned for in early 2017.

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