Swiss Employer Award 2018

settembre 20, 2018

3rd Place for Bossard

Swiss Arbeitgeber Award 2018 – 3. Rang für Bossard

Every two years, Bossard takes part in the largest employee survey in Switzerland. This year, a total of over 46,000 employees from around 140 companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein took part in the survey in order to measure employee satisfaction.

Bossard is ranked 3rd in the category 250-999 employees.

89% of employees took part in the survey and contributed to this pleasing result. With these results, Bossard gains important and meaningful insights into the current state of the organizational framework and the personal attitudes of employees. In addition to satisfaction, they also assess many other points such as work content, structures and processes, cooperation, dealing with changes, management by superiors, employee development and remuneration systems.


Swiss Arbeitgeber Award 2018 Zertifikat


The management would like to express its sincere thanks to all employees for their outstanding participation and the extremely gratifying overall assessment. This makes us proud.


Additional information can be found on the Swiss Employer Award website





Working at Bossard Zug, Switzerland (German)

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