6월 20, 2013

Bossard performance merits Obermatt Gold Pin

Bossard CEO David Dean has received the Gold Pin from Obermatt, an international financial research firm. The head of the Zug-based company, which specializes in fastener technology, earned the honor for the company’s top-ranking investment performance over the last three years. Share price and profit development during this period were the primary contributing factors. The Obermatt rankings are based on transparent key performance indicators and calculations and exclude subjective evaluations.

CEO David Dean characterized the honor as confirmation of the development work throughout the entire company. “Each and every employee contributed significantly to our performance over the last several years. I am so pleased to see our results receive increasing recognition from the outside. Today we are realizing the fruits of our labor and the company's new strategic orientation from 2005 to 2008," explains the CEO. Bossard was able to triple consolidated profit over the pre-2005 period and the company’s share value has more than doubled since then, despite the 2008/2009 financial market meltdown. The rate of return on capital employed (ROCE) rose from 9.1 percent to 18.2 percent during this period.

For David Dean, the Obermatt Gold Pin recognizing the company’s performance in recent years is confirmation that Bossard’s sustainability-focused strategy is paying off. “Bossard proved its solidity especially during the 2009 recession. This firm foundation has allowed us to forge ahead,” explains David Dean. The Bossard CEO discussed the company’s performance in detail in an interview with the “Handelszeitung” (Issue No. 25 of June 20, 2013).

Bossard’s continuing development includes the integration of KVT Fastening, acquired in November 2012, which has substantially expanded Bossard’s customer base and better incorporated the strategically important German market. In the current fiscal year, KVT’s contribution is estimated to boost sales by 20 percent to CHF 600 million. Bossard has set its sights on continued strong growth in future, above and beyond the industry average. However, company management is determined not to sacrifice profitability to achieve volume growth; both should develop at the same pace.


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