365 days availability
Tom Hicks, Director of Sales, Bossard North America

"How to solve bottlenecks and delight clients"

To achieve a high level of productivity in production, all the parts have to be available at the right time and in the right quantity. With this in mind, we support our clients with our comprehensive logistics solutions as well as our know-how in fastening technology and procurement management. But that’s not all. We also provide parts on short notice when bottlenecks suddenly occur, for instance due to a short-term spurt in demand or an unexpected additional order from an end client. 

Sophisticated supply chain enables immediate delivery, also for third-party products
One of our long-time clients, a global leader in agricultural engineering, is familiar with such situations. When they occur, the production managers in their factories contact us. After all, Bossard’s annually supplies for them add up to 6 500 unique parts and a total of over half a billion pieces. They count on our extremely short response time – and that also goes for parts for third-party products. We have a sophisticated supply chain, as well as the necessary resources, and we understand our client’s business. In addition, we know the manufacturers who can produce and supply the required parts immediately. As a result, we can ensure that the parts are frequently ready the next day for our client to put into production. If fastening elements are needed that we have in stock, we fly them directly to our client. Any bottleneck has virtually no negative effect on production. We regularly receive this kind of positive feedback from the different factories. 

Together with our achievements in application engineering, this capacity to deliver on a fast and flexible basis is one reason why in early 2013 Bossard North America was awarded the highest supplier classification granted by this client.

Ref. BNA-CL-MA-02014 

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