Ask our experts when it comes to special needs in the area of the electrical and mechanical engineering industry, power stations as well as railway and tunnel technology. 

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Presse-étoupes  E-1 Cable glands
  • With metric thread
  • Without thread
  • With Pg-, NPT- and pipe thread
  • For hazardous areas

  • Venting elements
  • Sealing grommets
  • Tools

E-2 Contact parts
  • Compression cable lugs
  • Compression joints
  • Parallel groove clamps
  • Non insulated solderless terminals
  • Insulated solderless terminals
  • Butt connectors and parallel compression joints
  • Insulated pin connectors and receptacles
  • Non insulated female receptacles

  • Insulated female receptacles and male tabs
  • Insulated end connectors
  • Non insulated end sleeves
  • Insulated end sleeves
  • Terminal blocks
  • Tools

Attaches de câbles
E-3 Cable ties  
  • Panduit®
  • ABB
  • Elematic®
  • "No-name"
  • Tools
Fixations de câbles
E-4 Mountings for cables and pipes  
  • Panduit®
  • Elematic®
  • "No-name"
Boîtiers industriels
E-5 Industrial enclosures  
  • Enclosures in plastic
  • Enclosures in aluminium
  • Mountings rail DIN
  • Stand offs
  • Threaded plates / Socket head screws
Protections de câbles
E-6 Cable protection  
  • Tubings REIKU
  • Connectors REIKU
  • Accessories REIKU
  • Tubings
  • Wiring ducts
Caines thermorétractables
E-7 Shrinking technology
  • Heat shrink tubing
Marquage de câbles
E-8 Cable identifications  
  • Labels
  • Printers and accessories
  • Pre-printed markings and markings for manual labelling

  • Permanent markings
  • Safety markings



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