ecosyn®-fix screws with integrated spring washer

The screw is mainly used in the production of technical appliances.

Shake-proof and vibration-proof – thanks to these properties the ecosyn®-fix screw is widely used for connections in electrical equipment, household appliances and in the manufacture of technical equipment.



Fig.: Screw + spring lock washer + flat washer = ecosyn®-fix  



  • Reduced risk of damage to the surface of components thanks to the large, smooth washer face (also advantageous in reducing the risk of corrosion)
  • The large washer integrated into the screw head reduces any loss in prestressing force.
  • The large, effective rubbing surface under the head increases security against unscrewing (for torque-controlled tightening)


Cost savings:

  • Cost saving opportunities in procurement and inventory management
  • Shorter assembly preparation
  • Faster assembly
  • Suitable for feeding in automated assembly


ecosyn®-fix - Vibration Resistant

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