A Mature Industry 4.0 Solution for an Agile Supply Chain

Introducing Bossard's Industry 4.0 solution Smart Factory Logistics

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Keep Canadian manufacturing and industry competitive with Bossard's Smart Factory Logistics.  Digital transformation of your supply chain can be the first step in leaner, faster, and optimized production.  By empowering your management and employees with process transparency and real-time automation to make data based decisioning you unleash your potential to compete globally.


Intelligent systems communicate along the supply chain

Introduce Agile supply chain management and real-time metrics into your inventory.  Based on the Industrial Internet of Things, our SmartBin and SmartLabel technology link the production and supply chains.  Inventory and Last Mile Management of your B & C parts becomes flexible, seamless and optimized, from replenishment all the way to point of use.


Big data software creates transparency

Bossard’s very own supply chain collaborative software, ARIMS, collects, processes and delivers big data on a large scale. This core element of Smart Factory Logistics creates transparency and brings operations closer to processes. Thanks to the latest ARIMS release, customers receive real time information online and can complete modifications, such as demand adjustments or container rearrangements, interactively. This typical Industry 4.0 technology enables the customer to optimize the supply chain and to improve planning.


Make your factory a Smart Factory

Bossard Canada can customize a solution for you using proven systems like the fully automated SmartBin or the informative SmartLabel with real time information. Demand and stock levels are managed through ARIMS, the operation dashboard of Smart Factory Logistics. Focus on your core competence, knowing that Bossard’s Smart Factory Logistics is the key to smooth and seamless supply chain performance.

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