Welding in the broader sense comprises all processes in which a solid medium is melted and bonds with a second component during subsequent hardening. This is usually a material compound, e.g. by melting metals. In some modern processes, only one of the two components is melted, e.g. by means of ultrasound, and the deformation results in a positive connection with the second component.

Stud welding technology is used to weld fastening elements such as threaded studs and bushes, welding pins, flat plugs and insulation nails onto metallic surfaces.

The great advantage of this technique is the short-term local heating during the setting process: Material and geometry changes are reduced to a minimum and drilling, punching, thread cutting, gluing or riveting are no longer necessary. For safe and reliable installation, we also offer an extensive selection of state-of-the-art welding machines.


We supply several branded welding studs and products, including the following:

fasteks welko

Stud welding systems

 MultiMaterial Welding

Mechanical fastenings using an ultrasonic process


Stud welding systems


The products listed here may not be available in all countries. In case of questions, please contact us.

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