The suitable fastening solution for every requirement

What kind of fastening challenge are you having? Find the right product solution here.

Anti-Loosening and Anti-Vibration

You have to fix sophisticated materials and are looking for a solution that works even under the harshest conditions? Here you can find the right solution:

ecosyn®-fix – designed specially for joints in electrical equipment and in small and major appliances.

NORD-LOCK® – wedge lock washers and Superbolt® – maximum security for bolted joints and ease of assembly for large diameter bolting system.

TufLok® – system for securing and sealing fastened connections.

Blind Fastening Solutions

A wide range of high-quality rivets for fast installation:

Bossard Speed Rivets – semi-automatic fastening system.

Standard rivets – manual or automatic fastening systems for safe hold.


Coatings for fastening elements

Increase process reliability while lowering total costs of fastening with coating solutions from Bossard.

Overview of Bossard Coatings

Electrical Wire Cable and PCB Accessories for Enclosures

Special fastening and wire management solutions of all kinds:

Panduit® – products for wire management applications.

Stand-offs – products particularly suited to the assembly of circuit boards.

Fastener for Plastic

You need to fasten plastic elements? Here you can find the right solution:

ecosyn®-plast – special thread geometry for safe and easy screwing directly into thermoplastic elements.

Delta PT – direct fastened connections for plastics.

Hose Clamps
Hose clamps - MIKALOR

With hose-clamps, tight fixes and non-leak connections can be done easily:

MIKALOR – hose clamps with worm gear drive.

Sheet Metal Fastener
ecosyn○ MRX the ideal screw for fastening chrome steel

To fix all kind of aluminium, chrome steel and metals, sheet metal fasteners are the right choice:

ecosyn®-drill – self-cutting screws suited for use in constructions made of aluminium and galvanized sheet steel.

ecosyn®-MRX – self-drilling screws suited for aluminium, sheet steel and stainless steel.

EJOT SHEETtracs® – secure screw joint for thin sheets with pilot holes.


Thread Forming

You need to fix malleable materials?

DIN 7500 – the thread-forming screw.

Fasteners for composite materials

bigHead® composite fasteners offer simple and secure solutions to designers and manufacturers who use composite materials.

From minor design changes to basic lightweight construction measures: constructive solutions from bigHead have established themselves in the industry.

Learn more about bigHead components


Self-clinching fasteners for thin and lightweight components
Self-Clinching and Piercing Fasteners

Metal plates, PC boards or plastic pieces must be connected securely. PEM® self-clinching fasteners give high-performance, are easy to install and save time and expense. 

Discover the range of PEM® fasteners

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