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Mostly unobtrusive, but sometimes also quite eye-catching, hydrants are found everywhere in the landscape, on street corners or in neighbourhoods. As a rule, they are — fortunately — not used very frequently, but they have to be ready to deliver water in crucial moments. Fire hydrants allow the fire brigades to extract water from the public water supply systems and therefore save lives in emergency situations.

Hinni AG, established in 1990, was named after the former water supply officer of the municipal Suhr. Currently, the leading hydrant manufacturer employs nearly 100 employees. In Switzerland, there are approximately 600,000 of these water wells that used to be painted in red-and-grey and are nowadays often painted in smart designs. The high number and variety of hydrants presents increasingly a challenge for the manufacturer as far as production is concerned.

Hydrants are mostly assembled by hand in individual process steps. Screws are used in the internal and external parts of the hydrants. In the past, Hinni AG lubricated each screw by hand and fastened each screw in a separate step. This step not only makes the manual workflow more laborious, it also leads to some inconsistencies in the screwing process.


Thanks to the collaboration with the Bossard engineering experts, Hinni AG has found an optimal solution: they now use screws that are fitted with the ecosyn®-lubric tribological dry coating developed by Bossard. ecosyn®-lubric offers the customer various advantages. Fully coated screws can be used during production; this does away with the need for the laborious intermediate step of separate lubrication.

In addition, the consistent preload force guarantees the operational reliability of the hydrants. To some extent, even black-coated elements are installed to ensure that there is a visual difference to the uncoated screws. This makes it obvious for every person who performs maintenance works on the hydrants that the parts in question are ecosyn®-lubric coated elements.

An additional advantage of this dry lubrication is that it provides the consistently even preload force, even in the case of repeated tightening (up to five times with reproducible friction values). This is especially important for the audits conducted at regular intervals.

Customer benefits

With ecosyn®-lubric, the customer is able to produce more efficiently, hence reduce costs and at the same time increase productivity. In addition, due to the standardized and secure screw connections with ecosyn®-lubric, Hinni AG is able to meet its promise to its customers — "reliable yet innovative".

The highlights of Bossard ecosyn®-lubric at a glance: 

  • Cost savings due to shorter assembly times
  • Increased safety thanks to more durable coating
  • Increased corrosion resistance
  • Optimized and consistent friction values

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