Minimization of Movements
mayo 21, 2018
Posted By Bossard


Save time, effort, costs, and frustration by eliminating excess transportation of C-parts.

Why Excess Transporation is a Big Problem

A common theme in C-parts management is that everything relating to C-parts is too often overlooked. Ideally, in a lean manufacturing process, every material that comes into your factory will flow smoothly from Point A to Point B. In a best-case scenario, it will only be touched once before its final use. Unfortunately, and especially when it comes to C-parts, this is rarely the case. It’s more likely that the material will be moved many times as it is located, filed, stocked, and stacked.

This excess movement causes increased costs due to excess labor. It can also cause confusion that results in lost product that must be found (wasting more time) or replaced (wasting both time and money). And every time materials are moved, they also risk being damaged.

Identify Transportation Waste in Your Supply Chain

When you’re looking for problem areas in your supply chain, you need to consider all the following areas:

  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Transportation systems

Has your process been updated with consideration to the current flow of material and people? Was there ever a lean process in the first place?

Improve Your Supply Chain Platform

The key here is to implement a smart, interactive supply chain platform throughout all these areas of your company. This gives you full control over your material flow. An excellent supply chain platform can make it easier to track your orders, manage your inventory, and access intelligent analytics. Paperless methods, like smart devices, are a good way to do this.

These platforms work in conjunction with the milk run / water spider replenishment processes of your factory, giving you tools such as a digital picking list and optimized digital route plan to streamline replenishment while saving time, increasing reliability, and eliminating paper use.

If you need a full, premium service to help you streamline your supply chain and eliminate excess transportation of C-parts, Bossard is able to replenish your C-parts directly to the point of use with all the smart features listed above: easy order tracking, inventory management, analytics access, and more. Bossard’s Smart Factory Logistics is an automatic intelligence system that provides a direct information flow. Orders are triggered directly from the production floor, and they are delivered straight to the work cells exactly when they are needed. Instead of a central storage system, where it’s harder for your workers to determine exactly what C-parts are available (and which causes extra transportation), C-parts stocks are visually easy to detect with Bossard’s Smart Factory Logistics and Kanban systems.

Bossard’s decentralized, automatic intelligence solutions are a simple to reduce C-parts transportation costs while providing a host of other benefits. Unlock your factory’s potential by taking steps to improving C-parts management today!

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