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Embedding and Surface Bonding Fastening Solutions

bigHead® fasteners are an ideal way to create a secure and serviceable connection point on an assembly component that’s made of composite or lightweight material.

Why bigHead® fastening solutions?


Design challenge: Non-visible fastening

bigHeads are ideal when it is aesthetically undesirable to see the fastening connections, or it is technically undesirable to have through-holes in the material.


Design challenge: Connection into thin material sections

bigHeads can create securely connected fastening points on, or within, relatively thin material sections.


Material challenge: Non thread bearing materials

bigHeads can create secure, load spreading fastening points in materials that will not tolerate thread-forming operations, or materials that offer limited thread-strength.


Material challenge: Multi-material compatibility

bigHeads are suitable for use with a multitude of different material types and formats, and within a wide range of fabrication and forming processes.


Manufacturing challenge: Eliminating hole drilling operations

Embedding or surface bonding of bigHeads avoids the risks of material damage and dust generation during drilling operations.

tech paper 

Download our tech paper

In our tech paper you get an overview of the possibilities and advantages you enjoy when you integrate products from bigHead® in you design. Read about concrete solutions and possible applications, and receive information about production processes and mounting methods that can help you make a decision of whether or not the product is right for you.

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The fixing point enables the component to be efficiently fastened within an assembly through combination with secondary fastening elements.

bigHead® go beyond fastener product manufacturing through a deep understanding of the challenges faced when working with composite moulding processes and tooling. bigHead® can work with customers at an early stage of design to optimise the fastener, not only in terms of design and performance, but also for the manufacturing and assembly process.

bigHead® bonding fasteners offer a wide range of fixings, with heads of various shapes and sizes to suit the application and required fastening function.

The right bigHead for the right application!

bighead standardsortiment

Core range

A pre-defined range of 156 products, supported by usage guidelines and technical data. Core range products can be used in both post-process and co-process applications.

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bighead udvidet sortiment

Extended range

Selected product ranges, in a wider variety of fixing type and size combinations.


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bighead specialbefæstelse

Special parts

  • Different sizes and configurations for maximising fastening possibilities
  • Coatings options to suit wide-ranging requirements
  • Products that fulfil specific application or performance requirements
  • Testing and validation and applications engineering support

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bigHead® – industries


Composite panel fastening for off-shore power

bigHead Bonding Fasteners frequently works together with clients to provide Special designs for composite panel fastening. The Core and Extended product ranges are able to cover many applications, but innovative designs often require bespoke solutions. By their nature, our special designs differ from one another but our ‘Specialisation’ page gives a flavour of the issues we address.

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Composite panel fasteners for automotive applications

As composites are used for a wider range of automotive applications, the importance of composite panel fasteners grows. The creation of secure and reliable fastening points compatible with a wide range of composite materials and their different fabrication processes is key. bigHead helps designers and fabricators meet these challenges in several ways.

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Construction industry GRC panel fastening

Panel fasteners are an important topic in the construction industry and especially in relation to fixing glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC or GRC) panels. GRC offers enormous advantages in construction, providing a strong and durable material. GRC panels are often as thin as 13 mm but, although comparatively light, can weigh up to a ton or more.

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Bossard and bigHead®

bigHead and Bossard are the perfect example of a technology partnership. On one hand you have the techhub which bigHead offers and on the other hand you have Bossard as the perfect distributor.

We can help you turn your design ideas into perfect products and applications without any compromise on form or function, cost or quality. Our expertise with advanced composite and lightweight materials can help you take your designs into exciting new areas, pushing the limits of what’s possible.