Bossard China honored with Siemens Signalling “Best Innovation Supplier” award

9월 21, 2018

BOC Siemens Most Innovative Supplier Award 2018

At Siemens Signalling Company Ltd’s Supplier summit in Xi’an City, China,  Bossard China was one of the preferred suppliers. At the summit on July 11, 2018, the awards recognized suppliers with outstanding performance, added value, excellent service and innovation. We thank Siemens Signalling for inviting Bossard China to attend this special event.

Bossard China won the “Best Innovation Supplier” award from Siemens Signalling. Bossard China provides excellent C-Parts management and the last mile management solution as a part of Smart Factory Logistics. We are honored to receive the great award.

The award was presented by Mr. Albert Dominko, Head of Siemens Mobility Management Procurement, and Dr. Guo Nai Shun, Head of Siemens China Mobility SCM. They highlighted the win-win situation created by Bossard and Siemens through a feasible program that consisted of a process analysis, rationalization suggestions for logistics and innovation and improvement in the manufacturing value chain. All of this of course was based on a mutual understanding of quality, cost control and minimized delivery time.   

This award displays a successful cooperation between Bossard and Siemens Signalling. With this award, Siemens also endorses Bossard’s innovative technology and Smart Factory Logistics. We believe that we can continue to innovate in the future and achieve greater win-win results.

Siemens Signalling Company Ltd. (SSCX), as established in December 1995, is a Sino-German joint venture between Xi'an Railway Signal Company (XRSC) and Siemens Ltd. China (SLC). SSCX engages in development, design, manufacture and sales of signaling products and systems for main line, mass transit, special railways, other rail bound transportation systems, and the related engineering and after-sales services.

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