Customer and task
C&S electric, India

C&S Electric Limited (C&S) is an Indian based manufacturer of low voltage switchgear and control gear. As the Indian’s largest exporter of switchgears, C&S provides a wide range of electrical and electronic products, which are mainly used in:

  • Power generation 
  • Distribution 
  • Control 
  • Protection
  • Final consumption.


For these sophisticated products and applications, the customer did not have detailed documentation, they only had basic dimensional drawings. After a few meetings at the customer’s headquarters in Delhi, it was carried-out, that 19 tailored fasteners were required.

Drawings with detailed specification of the fastener

For Bossard India’s engineers, it was a challenging and at the same time fascinating task to accompany this project. In several meetings, specific requirements were discussed. Based on the specifications, Bossard engineers created drawings of the fasteners needed for the Controls and Switchgears. Based on these, it could be shown, that the customer can use about half of the required fasteners from the wide-range catalog portfolio.

The rest was ordered according to the drawings. The customized and engineered products were approved by the customer and even quality checks can be done in the future based on these drawings.

Customer benefits

The international specialist for electric components now has not only the specific documentation for all components, but moreover the right fasteners at the right time and at the right place. The customer stated: “We thank LPS Bossard engineering team for helping us to develop parts according to our requirement. We wish to have this technical coordination in our future projects as well.”

The highlights at a glance:       

  • Engineering excellence for the drawings of electric components 
  • Combination of nine catalog products and ten engineered fasteners 
  • Documentation for quality inspections and further purposes

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