Customer and task

ILC is a dynamic company in Gorla Minore (VA) which has been developing and manufacturing centralized lubrication systems for oil- or grease lubrication and air- and oil mist lubrication systems for almost 50 years. This modern company focuses particularly on the needs of customers in dynamic markets, which at the present time are rapidly developing and subject to constant change.

Such a powerful company needs partners who can also provide a high level of service in all areas of service. After years of successful cooperation with Bossard on catalog items, ILC has decided to expand cooperation internationally and integrate sophisticated drawing parts. This decision is the result of an intensive evaluation in which the competence and the professionalism of Bossard tipped the scales.


First a careful analysis was made of the submitted drawings and patterns. Close cooperation between the technicians of ILC and Bossard allowed the implementation of gradual improvements and optimizations which have the effect of reducing costs on production and assembly. These structural adjustments, to some extent only small, coupled with Bossard’s global procurement network, led to optimal products with optimal cost benefit ratio. An important step that allows ILC to keep up in the world market with competitive prices.

Customer benefits
The collaboration between ILC and Bossard Italia has evolved from a simple customer-supplier relationship to a solid partnership. This clearly shows that even in a highly competitive market such as in Italy decisive competitive advantages can only be provided via the cooperation of competent partners - partners who can demonstrate and exploit the potential for rationalization in all areas (products, engineering and logistics).

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