Customer and task

Our customer JVP Prague a.s. is specialized in the production of plastic parts by air-assist forming technology. Nowadays, JVP Prague delivers not only plastic parts, but also ready-made plastic assemblies for example bonnets for tractors.


In the past, a combination of hex head screws, serrated lock washers and flat washers were used to attach the metal frame on a tractor bonnet. The assemblies were also secured with a threadlocker.

The customer contacted Bossard to find a solution to reduce assembly time and improve quality at the same time.

Bossard engineered product for JVP Praha
Bossard engineered and designed a special hex head screw with captive flat washer and nylon self-locking patch.
Customer benefits
Faster assembly at JVP Praha thanks to customized fasteners
The new, customized solution has brought the savings in both; the material costs and the labor costs. With this solution JVP Prague was able to increase his productivity in the assembly line.

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