Customer and task

Alstom Transport designs sustainable and global railway solutions tailored to operators, public authorities and passengers. The company creates a smarter mobility by building and maintaining solutions that run safely, smoothly and efficiently. From trains to signalling, infrastructure, services and complete “turnkey” solutions, Alstom Transport offers the larger range of state-of-the-art railway solutions.

Several years ago, Alstom Transport decided to centralize its “preferred suppliers” list. At the time, Bossard supplied fasteners to one of Alstom Transport’s plants in France, but since it worked with only one plant it did not qualify for the list. That changed when Bossard presented its 3-level concept consisting of high quality product solutions, application engineering and Smart Factory Logistics. Not only did Bossard make the list, it soon achieved LP150 supplier status, which Alstom Transport awards only to selected companies for excellent quality and highly innovative, cost-efficient products.

Bossard has implemented the 3-level concept at seven Alstom Transport plants. The SmartBin logistic system automates ordering even when volumes are extremely high or fluctuating, and ensures reliable availability. Bossard’s engineers also work with Alstom Transport directly at the factory to find better fastening solutions, resulting in higher quality products and more cost-efficient production processes.
Customer benefits
The 3-level concept saves significant costs and time in Alstom Transport’s production operations. The SmartBin system eliminates bottlenecks and delays, and its integrated processes allow knowledge to be shared across locations, thus providing a good return on experience.

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