Customer and task
Logo Franz Haas GmbH, Loeobendorf, ÖsterreichBest Practice. When looking for an exploitation/investment opportunity, it was specifically this motto of the traditional company Franz Haas GmbH headquartered in Leobendorf close to Vienna, as Mr I. Nemeth, Head of Procurement at Haas reports. "As the worldwide leading manufacturer of wafer machines, the demand for raw materials increased as a result of rapid growth and thus the cost for the procurement and management of production materials. Our resources were thus spent on activities requiring a high level of time and cost."
Bossard Smart Factory Logistics
"Bossard Austria GmbH is a competent partner to cover the demand for joining elements. In addition, Bossard offers with SmartBin an opportunity for management that meets the standard of our company and of our products." Based on a Kanban two-container system, Franz Haas GmbH decided in 2007 to convert to this system. "Because of the positive experience with SmartBin in our baking sheet production, we decided in 2009 to replace the two-container system (Bossard 2Bin) in another area."
Customer benefits
Hohlhippen-Backautomat EWB-R

"We have gained space in the production area, relieved resources of time-consuming activities and significantly reduced the tied up capital. In addition, Bossard offers an online portal which serves to record inventories and to compile reports. The decision to collaborate with Bossard as our partner in the field of C-parts management has proven to be very beneficial for us."

The intelligent SmartBin reduces the storage value, optimizes the turnover rate and reduces internal costs by up to 60 %. Out-of-stock situations are avoided and thus ensures the reliability of the production process. The provision of goods takes place directly at the place of extraction, in the production section. Active communication during the launching phase is an indispensable prerequisite for the proper functioning of the logistics system. In this phase, Bossard performs a range analysis, prepares the product data and sets the system parameters. Bossard estimates that a period of several weeks is required for the implementation before the system can be put into operation.

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