Getting ahead together with our customers means developing solutions that are better, faster, more efficient and more cost-effective and hence help our customers outperform their competition. At Bossard, we call this holistic view "Proven Productivity".
People who work with us on a regular basis describe their experience in their own words. After all, nobody knows us better than our customers, suppliers, and employees. We give the floor to people who were personally involved in improving productivity. Hereafter a selection of 25 stories.

Stephane Obrist



Multifunctional ground connection increases productivity by 40 percent
  Logistics costs reduction thanks to SmartBin
  From 10,000 orders to 0 thanks to Bossard Inventory Management






Savings in the doubledigit range with Next Generation
  Reducing the 
complexity of order processing by 25%

  Excavating the solution for fastener safety






20% gain in efficiency with one rivet
  0 production interrup-tions and no delivery delays
  1 smart idea, 1,000 great benefits




100,000 francs in damage prevented – thanks to a single screw
  0 defects thanks to 360° engineering   100,000,000 parts, 1,500 SmartBins, 1 goal: to revolutionize the automotive world






Optimized supply: 10 million parts per year with Bossard’s inventory management

  0 broken screws plus an increased productivity thanks to solid material analysis
  50% higher output with much less input


0 errors during physical inventory: more time for important tasks
  24/7 supply chain, 365 days availability
  Fastening excellence expertise for coming generations





  Andreas Blättler, Engineering Consultant, Bossard Schweiz

1,800 working hours per year saved: more time for our clients
  900 hp, 345 km/h and 50 innovations that perform as promised
  Optimized process cuts installation time by 50%
Alain Berenbach, Mechanical Designer, Gebo Cermex



100% cost control + 27,000 new fastening elements
  1/3 lower logistics costs lead to better margins
  Reducing process costs by 39% through systematic analysis




  Berthold Kübler, Leiter Betrieb und Logistik, Hawa AG Schweiz

100% lean Next Generation: significantly lower total operating costs
  Installed in seconds – valuable time saved
  Faster to market with 83% shorter through- put time






20% productivity gain, 0 complaints
  99% less damage risk

  New potential 365 days a year – thanks to strategic sourcing






Simultaneous engineering – 100% in the service of efficiency
  Quantifiable success month by month

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