El cálculo exacto de los gastos de logística se ha convertido en un verdadero reto para la gestión de la cadena de suministro. Con la optimización de los procesos y la minimización de los costes puede empezar a ahorrar dinero. Esta calculadora le ayudará a calcular sus ahorros potenciales para realizar sus beneficios:


Your current situation Changes you would like to see in the Future
Number of Articles
Number of Locations Supplied
Number of Deliveries Number of Deliveries
Number of Suppliers Number of Suppliers
Stock Inventory Turnover Stock Inventory Turnover Rate

Operating Sequence Cost Basis Without Logistics System Changes you would like to see in the Future
Goods Receipt
Warehousing Cost (%)
Provision of Goods
Annual Inventory Cost
Accounting Monitoring and Payments
Total Cost
Reduced Cost
* Logistic fees for the respective system are not included

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