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MM-Welding® – Smart Joining of Lightweight Materials

MM-Welding® technology is an innovative fastening technique using ultrasonic energy to create a frictional positive connection in porous materials, sheet structures, sandwich materials, injection-moulded and pressure mouldings. To achieve this, rod or collar-shaped thermoplastic elements are used to fasten components.


  • Significantly stronger connections than with many other fastening methods
  • Can be used without pre-setting to take up tolerance
  • Clean processing, as no additional materials or pre-treatment of surfaces is required, and no waste is produced
  • Statistical check on the process, which guarantees the quality of the individual fastenings
  • The technology is used in a wide range of industrial processes and in other industries, such as medicine and the furniture industry

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  • LiteWWeight® Pin
  • Applications
  • Features
MM-Welding LiteWWeight Pin

This is a family of fasteners with easy one-sided access assembly process designed to realize fast and strong fixation on sandwich structures with internal honeycomb or similar patterns.  

Product information   |   Technical Data Sheet & Design Guide   |   Video

MM-Welding LiteWWeight Pin Application
  • Fastening on foamed honeycomb structures and/or porous building components
  • Typical application: Load floor, parcel shelf, roof panel
MM-Welding LiteWWeight Pin
  • Full integration in substrate possible
  • High strength: Pull-out forces of higher than 1000N can be achieved through deep integration into HCB material
  • Very fast processing time of ~1 second
  • No pre-drilling necessary in most cases
  • Possible to pierce through thick decor materials
  • Placement directly at the edge of the material possible
  • The different fastener geometries enable different types of applications

  • LiteWWeight® Lotus
  • Applications
  • Features
MM-Welding LiteWWeight Lotus

LiteWWeight® Lotus is a fast and reliable connection concept for fibrous components and textile structures.

Product informationVideo

MM-Welding LightWWeight Lotus Application
  • Fastening in woven and non-woven structures
  • Typical applications: Passenger car floor trim, heat shields, wheel arch liners, headliners, NVH
MM-Welding LiteWWeight Lotus
  • Very fast cycle times
  • High strength due to intensive integration in the fibre matrix
  • Simple and more complex 3-D geometries (due to direction of motion of the fastening element only being in the z-direction)
  • Ideal integration into textile structures possible

  • LiteWWeight® Lotus Abalone
  • Applications
  • Features
MM-Welding LiteWWeight Lotus Abalone

MM-Welding® LiteWWeight® Lotus Abalone accelerates the mounting of the male clip component considerably. No punching/cutting required and eliminate the need for connecting two separate components. This clip can also be attached to the floor/carpet after the sound insolation is attached to the backside of the floor/carpet.

Product information   |   Video

MM-Welding LiteWWeight Lotus Abalone Application
  • Clip retainer for floor mats
  • One piece clip instead of multiple components
The LiteWWeight® Lotus Abalone can be the perfect substitution for clipped floor mate retainers.
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Reduced costs due to the fast process and less parts to manipulate
  • Two-piece clip into one piece
  • No pre hole need
  • Eliminate risk of hole being too large and part moving
  • Eliminate risk of floor mat moving
  • Remove tolerance necessary for holes
  • No noise from underbody due to space between hole and part
  • Eliminate risk of water/moisture coming up through carpet from hole
  • Access from only one side needed

  • LiteWWeight® zEPP
  • Applications
  • Features
MM-Welding LiteWWeight zEPP

LiteWWeight® zEPP is a fast and efficient fastening technology for all expanded polypropylene (EPP) materials based on the innovative MM-Welding® process.

Product information  |  Technical Data Sheet & Design Guide   |  Video

MM-Welding® LiteWWeight® zEPP Application
  • Standard solutions for a wide range of EPP densities

  • Strong and reliable screw-on points in EPP, even at critical locations

  • Suitable for demanding mobility and automotive applications

  • For EPP components from logistics and transport

  • For functionalizing HVAC and NVH constructions made of EPP and similar materials

MM-Welding LiteWWeight zEPP Application example
  • Very fast cycle times (~1 second)
  • High pull-out force due to optimal anchoring with the EPP material
  • Very high torque transmission possible due to MM-Welding® specific "Anti-Turning" geometry
  • Full integration into the substrate
  • Placement directly at the edge of the material possible
  • Low overall height of the fastener increases design freedom
  • Applicable for all density ranges
  • No pre-drilling necessary

  • LiteWWeight® Double Pin
  • Applications
  • Features
MM-Welding LiteWWeigth Double Pin

This fastener is designed to realize fast and strong fixation that can be designed for plastic direct screws, with a metric internal thread or even with a through-hole. The fastener consists of a sleeve, as slide and optionally a metallic insert, which can be selected according to the application.

Product information  |  Video

MM-Welding LiteWWeigth Double Pin
  • For connection into lightweight sandwich panels made of aramid, polypropylene, and more
  • Nomex honeycomb panels for aerospace applications: In aerospace industry, certification is crucial for the acceptance of each part. The LiteWWeight® Double Pin includes standard materials for aerospace, and is an ideal replacement for gluing where material content complicates the certification process.
  • Polypropylene honeycomb panels: Internal cavities of polypropylene honeycomb panels make it difficult to install standard connectors such as screws as they don’t have a structure to hold on to. The LiteWWeight Double Pin® is designed to attach strongly to this type of material, and if necessary allows the inclusion of a metallic thread.
MM-Welding LiteWWeigth Double Pin
  • High versatility: can contain a clearance hole, a threaded hole or a metallic insert (M3 to M8)
  • Quick installation process time of < 0.7 seconds
  • High strength due to creating form lock to top-layer and conventional weld-connection to bottom-layer
  • Full integration in substrate possible
  • Pull-out forces of higher around ~ 2000 N can be achieved through deep integration into HCB material

  • InWWerse® Fastener
  • Applications
  • Features
MM-Welding InWWerse Fastener

Based on the innovative MM-Welding® process, the InWWerse® Fastener Technology takes the industry proven advantages and features to another exciting field of applications. The MM-Welding® engineers have developed a novel fastening system which allows to precisely establish an immediately loadable connection point onto thermoplastic substrates.

Product information  |  Technical Data Sheet & Design Guide  |  Video

MM-Welding® innovative InWWerse® technology
  • For creating connection points on thin polymer parts
  • Ideal for thermoplastic polymers with or without reinforcement
  • Discrete connections possible. Neither marks nor fastener appearance on distal side visible
  • Suitable for decorative and structural parts within automotive, aviation or rail industry
MM-Welding InWWerse Fastener
  • Very fast processing time of only 1 second
  • Suitable also for low wall-thicknesses
  • No pre-hole or through-hole required
  • Strong form locking due to innovative crater shaped design

  • InWWerse® Disc
  • Applications
  • Features
MM-Welding InWWerse Disc

Fastening solution for joining dissimilar thermoplastic as well as very thin materials (< 2.5 mm) without creating marks.
By using the unique MultiMaterial-Welding® ultrasonic technology it provides a very quick and reliable processing, superior to adhesive bonding in many applications.

MM-Welding InWWerse Disc Application
  • Bonding thin-walled polymer components
  • Ideal for thermoplastic polymers with or without reinforcement
  • Discrete connections possible. Neither marks nor fastener appearance on distal side visible
  • Suitable for decorative and structural parts within automotive, aviation or rail industry
MM-Welding InWWerse Disc
  • Use for conventional, non-weldable polymer combinations
  • Thin-walled polymer parts without affecting the opposite surface
  • Very short cycle times
MM-Welding® technology is based on the patented WoodWelding® technology of WoodWelding SA and is licensed by MultiMaterial-Welding AG, Switzerland.
MM-Welding® is using the WoodWelding® technology in the transportation industry only.